Proud Partners

Promote the importance of teamwork this National Healthcare Food Service Week. Speak about it on the first day, and hand each employee a “Taking Pride In What We Do” Silicone Bracelet. Encourage all food workers to “band” together and wear the Bracelets throughout the week. On the last day, ask your employees to share examples of good teamwork strategies they have used recently. Then thank each person by giving out a “You’re The Key To Our Success” Spinning Key Tag With “Together We Make The Ordinary Extraordinary” Card.

Healthy Choices

Stress the need for good nutrition by picking a food-related topic for each day during the week. Items to cover could be “Vitamins And Minerals,” “The Importance Of Fiber In Your Diet,” and “Limiting Sugars And Salt.” Make sure they are relevant for both employees and the people they serve. Spend five to 10 minutes going over each topic. After all are covered, host a salad bar luncheon for your food service workers. Provide at least 15 healthy food options including romaine lettuce, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, lean meats, and a selection of low-fat dressings. Use Salad Containers from the “Food And Nutrition Services: Excellence Is Our First Ingredient” Sandwich/Salad Container and Lunch Bag Combos to serve the salads and “Dietary Services: Seasoned With Pride” 25-Oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottles With Carabiners for beverages. Send employees home with the Salad Containers, Water Bottles, and Lunch Bags.

Good Catch

Let your food service workers know that you notice and appreciate the thoughtful words they
say and kind acts they do. During National Healthcare Food Service Week, observe your employees interacting with others and completing their regular duties. When you see a food service staff member going above and beyond what is expected, give him or her a “You’ve Been Caught Doing Good” On-the-Spot Recognition Reward Token. Tell the employee to keep it to “cash it in” for a prize at the end of the week. Assign a number value to each item from the Dietary Services Gift-A-Day Package With T-Shirt. (For example, the T-Shirt could be worth 10 tokens.) Then let employees submit their “money” for a gift at the end of the week.

Winning Attitudes

Show dietary service staff you think they’re number one! Kick off National Healthcare Food Service Week with a food service “pep rally.” Hang a banner that says, “(Your Facility’s Name) Thinks You’re #1!!!” (Have nonfood staff members sign it the week before.) Begin the pep rally by playing Gary Glitter’s “Rock And Roll (Parts 1 & 2),” also known as the “Hey!” song that is commonly heard at sporting events. Distribute “Food And Nutrition Services: Excellence Is Our First Ingredient” Apron & T-Shirt Combos to all of your employees as well as “Food And Nutrition Services: Excellence Is Our First Ingredient” Badge Holders. Encourage them to wear these items to show their food service pride!

Happy To Wear

Outfit your staff members with Food & Nutrition Services Deluxe Denim Aprons to demonstrate your gratitude for the outstanding job they do. Pin a name on each apron and have them waiting at the start of shifts. Enhance the surprise by adding handwritten notes of thanks to Food & Nutrition Services Greeting Cards. Place the cards in the apron pockets. Your staff will appreciate the personalized messages.

Beyond Bingo

Put your employees’ knowledge to the test. First obtain a standard bingo set. Next compose questions about your facility and also about food preparation. Gather everyone and explain that you’ll be playing bingo with a twist. When each number is called, read a question. Whoever has the number on his or her card should write down an answer. To win a round of bingo, a player needs to have correctly answered the questions that go with the five in-a-row squares. Award gifts for winning, such as “Food & Nutrition Services: The Profession With Good Taste” Antibacterial Sanitizer Pocket Spray or Lapel Pin Badge Holders.

Name That Food

In your department, meals are serious business. But for National Healthcare Food Service Week, create a meal for your appreciation luncheon that’s also a game. Prepare foods that are less common, such as jicama, quinoa and dragon fruit. Ask your luncheon guests to identify the foods as they eat them. Give everyone “Dietary Services: Caring & Commitment, Our Main Ingredients” Palm Graters and Measuring Combo Packs for being good sports.